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Nanomaterials Nanoscale Materials-Nano Fillers - Nano Additives

Nanomaterials Nanoscale Materials-Nano Fillers - Nano Additives

Nanofillers have for many years had a high significance in the plastics industry.

Nanofillers are basically understood to be additives in solid form, which differ from the polymer matrix in terms of their composition and structure. They generally comprise inorganic materials, more rarely organic materials. Inactive fillers or extenders raise the quantity and lower the prices, while active fillers bring about targeted improvements in certain mechanical or physical properties.

The activity of active fillers may have a variety of causes, such as the formation of a chemical bond (e.g., cross linking by carbon black in elastomers) or filling of a certain volume and disruption of the conformational position of a polymer matrix, and also the immobilization of adjacent molecule groups and possible orientation of the polymer material.

Domains Of Nanoparticles & Clusters With Different Structures:

a) Molecules= (~1 to 10 atoms)

b) Clusters= (~10 to 103 atoms)

c) Particles= (~103 to 105 atoms)

d) Bulk= (~105 atoms and larger)

Source: University of Texas at Austin


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