Linear Electric Motors

Linear motors For OEM Applications range in force from a few Newton up to 450 N. The patented technology delivers single-digit nanometer resolution and direct friction drive with zero backlash. The piezoelectric motors are compact, often fitting where nothing else will. Used when traditional motor technologies fail to meet current space or performance demands. It features predictable sub-micron, direct-drive motion without backlash with resolution down to single nanometer level or below. Lack of gear-heads and linear screws reduces the overall size so that LT20 often fits where other motors won’t. In place, it delivers up to 20 N force and its friction drive ensures full-force, power-off locking. Any 'move-and hold' application that requires high precision, instant response and low power consumption will benefit from Piezo LEGStechnology. LL10, LT20 and LT40 are compact linear motors for build-in OEM applications. Totally non-magnetic motors are available.

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