PiezoMotor AB

PiezoMotor AB

SE-754 50 Uppsala Sweden

AboutPiezoMotor AB

PiezoMotor is a global leader in the development and manufacture of direct-drive, micro-motors based on piezoelectric materials. Piezoelectric motors are minute: this is one reason why it is not tough to meet space and performance demands which makes them an ideal replacement for the usual electromagnetic motors. Piezo LEGS® motors diminish total product size and deliver much greater precision. We are proud to be associated with leading companies of the world.

PiezoMotor was founded in order to meet the demands for micro-motor technology that has taken the world by storm. This would enhance and further develop the automation market for smaller more precise motors like in applications where traditional pneumatic cylinders cannot do the job.

With unique, patented products, in-house manufacturing and global distribution, PiezoMotor laid the foundation to grow rapidly. Today, we ship products to customers working with semiconductors, advanced optics, medical technology, automation, hand-held devices, etc.

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