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KE55 Vertical Machining Center

KE55 Vertical Machining Center


A key issue on the shop floor today is how to machine small parts and with high accuracy. Backed by the latest in mechanical and electronic technology, the operator-friendly KE-55 represents the next generation of operations, including oblique and circular cutting as well as tapping, can be executed accurately without using attachments or worrying about centring. As a result, operators are freed from troublesome setup world, allowing them to concentrate on their main job-machining. When producing single part runs, the KE-55 out-performs the competition in every aspect, including speed, accuracy and machining reliability.



Innovative Machine Construction

The machine proper continues Makino’s proven ram and knee type design that allows superior accessibility. X and Y axis travels in the ram and Z axis travel in the knee provided by the innovative axis design. Because the tool moves exactly as indicated on the part drawing. Machining operation are easy to understand and operate


User Operation

Dual mode (CNC and Manual) is able to allow school to teach both conventional machining and also CNC machine. ’2′ in ’1′. Therefore, the institute is able to reduce the conventional mill required and so as the class room. Every thing is able to maximize.

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