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F8 ● F9 large Vertical Machining Center

F8 ● F9 large Vertical Machining Center


Leading the industry, the 800mm Y stroke of the F8 and F9 provide manufacturers with the option to work with larger work pieces. The increased payload to 2,500kg of the machine also accommodates for that requirement if necessary. Targeted at dynamic and competitive die & mold and precision parts manufacturing sectors, the F8 and F9 is the cost effective solution for larger machining needs



The F8 and F9 are designed with this in mind to ensure high performance and accuracy levels. To achieve high precision accuracy through mechanical means, the F8 and F9 are designed to handle load transference and heat distribution effectively. Strategically positioned support and leveling screws ensure the machining load is appropriately transferred to the floor, and the symmetrical column and bed structures contribute to the even distribution of heat and accuracy. Thermal stability during machining is achieved through cooling of axes bearing and ball screw. The stability of movement is further strengthened by the roller linear guides on all axes.


To ensure the best results, a good controller and software is required. The F8 and F9 utilize the Makino Pro 5 Controller with the GI.4 system as a standard. For fine motion control even at a high feedrate, there is an option of Super Geometric Intelligence (SGI.4) software, which is developed specifically for high feedrate, tight tolerance machining of complex, 3D-contoured shapes involving continuous tiny block of NC data.


An efficient chip management system is a key to the productivity of a machine. Unmanned machining application and highly efficient machining processes generate a large volume of chips thus requiring a quick and reliable chip evacuation system.

F8 and F9 having 4 built-in nozzle outlets and 2 flexible nozzle hoses, which results in improved chip flushing and extended tool life.

Come with an upgraded four spiral type chip conveyor for more efficient transportation of chips to the rear chip tank of the machine

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