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Hydraulic products

Hydraulic products

Wide range of hydraulic products


Pumps range from Hydraulic Electric pumps to other hydraulic pumps like air, hand and petrol pumps.

Hydraulic Pumps

Hydraulic pumps include hydraulic air pump, hydraulic hand pump, Hydraulic electric pump, and hydraulic air and petrol pump. All these hydraulic pumps are single and double acting. Hydraulic pumps are also available with 1 or 2 speeds. Hydraulic pumps possess synchronized lifting system to allow the operation of up to 32 hydraulic elements from one pump, with PLC controller and LCD display.


The range of cutters include chain cutters, cable cutters, nut splitters, pullers, spread cylinders, lifting cushion, dynamometers and load cells. Cutters are available depending on the model with built-in pump or independent pump. Cutters make easier the most complicated and heavy duties. Maximum working pressure of cutters is 700 bar. All models of cutters are provided with a coupler. In few models of cutters, oil is supplied by an external hand, air, electric, or petrol pump. Two models of cutters, CK0225 and CK0250 are double acting, to assure a fast retraction.

Cable Cutters

Cable cutters are carried in plastic box, for easy transportation and tool protection. The steel cutting-heads of the cable cutters can be mounted in the most convenient position. Cable cutters possess rotary heads for easy operation. Cable cutter CC0018, Cable cutter CC0040 and cable cutter CC0075 models are autonomous, with built-in pump. Tools of cable cutters are supplied with safety valve to prevent overload. The replacement of the blades in cable cutters is extremely easy. Single acting models of cable cutters have spring return. Cable cutter CC02560 is double acting and is especially recommended for sub-sea applications.

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