Larzep, S.A

Larzep, S.A

Heavy Duty Hydraulic Cylinders

HS Synchronized Lifting system


Cylinders of Larzep are mostly spread cylinders.

Spread Cylinders

Spread cylinders are equipped with hardened grooved saddles. Spread cylinders are provided with collar threads and threads at the top of the piston and at the base, for easy fastening. Spread cylinders are available both in single and double acting. Spread cylinders are designed for carrying out push and pull operations. Spread cylinders possess hollow hard chrome-plated piston. Spread cylinders possess spring return. Spread cylinders have interchangeable saddles. Spread cylinders assure quick return by oil pressure. Heavy spread cylinders have carrying handles or eye bolts as standard.  Upon request, Larzep supplies spread cylinders with threads or any other special features: lock nuts, sleeves, etc.

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