Pressure Testing and Washing

Crimping machines for hose assemblies have open-able crimp heads. The crimping machines for hose assemblies are the company's main product since many years. It's one of the smallest crimping machines in the market available. These crimping machines have only 75 mm from crimp centre to the front of the crimp head. Thus it is possible to crimp many tubes with a close bend and avoid an extra bend operation after, with the Lantz crimping machines.

The crimping machines have adjustable working height, illumination, light curtain safety guard and Lantz PC based control system. These crimping machines can be easily moved with a hand operated fork lift.

The company has the ability to supply the crimping machines with Lantz SFM, an advanced quality and assembly system that verify the tube insertion cycle. The system verifies that the hose end has bottomed out in the socket before crimping in the crimping machines.

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