Assembly Machines

Lantz assembles the right components in the right way to be able to supply an error free assembly machines to their customers. The company has vast experience in different production techniques and design of assembly machines. High tech facilities are available for assembly machines right from CAD system to the finished machine.

Quality and an extensive verification system for assembly machines, detailed information and good ergonomics are keywords for its success. Customers who choose Lantz assembly machines continue to work with the company and as a result, expand their business. Lantz ensures complete verification of assembly machines components before, during and after the assembly cycle. Vision system constantly verifies the measurement and dimensions of the assembled products in the assembly machines, by taking pictures.

The standard assembly machines from Lantz have frames with variable height, lockable wheels, illumination, pneumatic system and a Lantz control system. The operating system for assembly machines is Windows Embedded and an industrial PC with flash memory instead of a hard drive is used.

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