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Lai Switchboards offers some of the highest quality medium voltage secondary switchgear in the market.

After a thorough search for efficient and economically competitive products, Lai Switchboards has partnered up with Sarel S.R.L. in Italy and CGIS in China. Sarel and CGIS products are the perfect solution for those customers searching for a competitive price, yet do not wish to compromise on quality. At Lai Switchboards we also offer a wide range of secondary switchgear brands to help with the implementation of a solution into a pre-existing design.

All Sarel switchgear abides by IEC Standards. Lai Switchboards is the official agent for Sarel Switchgear in Australia.

Manufactured in high quality controlled factories from premium materials, Sarel switchgear should definitely be considered for all your high voltage switchboard needs


  • Sarel RMSys Ring Main Units are SF6 insulated.

  • Rated Voltage up to 24kV, Short Circuit Rating up to 20kA for 3 seconds.

  • Manufactured in Italy and type tested to IEC Standards.

  • Internal Arc fault contained IAC-AFL to 20kA for 1 second.

  • Available in many standard configurations with Switch units, Switchfuse units and Circuit Breaker units with up to 5 functional units in a single tank.

  • Provision for Future Extension available as option.

  • A range of accessories available including motor operation, key locks, auxiliary contacts, shunt trip units, under voltage units etc.

  • Can be installed in an outdoor enclosure. A range of outdoor enclosure available including zinc seal steel, stainless steel, marine grade aluminium etc.

  • A range of protection available for circuit breaker units. Standard protection offered on circuit breaker units is self-powered overcurrent and earth fault5 protection relay. Other protection relays including externally powered protection relays and special purpose protection relay can also be installed on request.Compact dimensions but ample access to cable terminations.

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