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Full scope operator |Training simulator|for operator training

Full scope operator |Training simulator|for operator training

L3 MAPPS full scope operator training simulators are the foremost training systems in the industry. High quality, real world power plant training can be delivered with the help of these operator training simulators. L3 MAAPS process operator simulators deliver premium quality in simulation training and fidelity. They help to provide instructors and trainees with comprehensive tools for learning, controlling, and exploring complex power plant systems.

L3 MAPPS full scope operator training simulators can be used for optimizing plant operating processes, operator licensing, and decreasing costs. To enhance the performance of the plant, reduce downtime and practice crisis response, operators will get well trained on L3 MAPPS simulator environments.

Furthermore, L3 MAPPS simulators can be used in severe accident management, interactive team training, plant design testing, and startup/shutdown optimization. Pragmatic and steady control environments are created by L3 MAPPS’ replica-quality hardware controls and touch-screen virtual panels. Real-time response to operator actions and interactive instructor control guarantees utmost training efficiency and compliance.

Advantages of L3 MAAPS full scope operator training simulators:

L3 MAAPS full scope operator training simulators provide cost-effective training for:

  • I&C familiarization
  • Classroom simulator training
  • Plant process computer training and testing
  • Command of malfunction and transient situations
  • Emergency plan implementation and incident management
  • Team training to study interaction and improve performance
  • Overall plant and individual system operation and control
  • Both experienced operators and new recruits

Other Advantages:

  • Operations optimization, including startup and shutdown
  • Decreased unplanned outages
  • Enhanced plant safety
  • Simple to upgrade simulator and keep current with plant
  • Multiple configurations on one simulator
  • Analysis of plant response to equipment and/or instrument failure
  • Efficient plant design planning and upgrading

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