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KK Wind Solutions Polska Sp.z o.o

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Wind Vane

Wind Vane

Reliable wind direction measurement

Designed specifically for wind turbines, the KK Wind Vane ensures precise measurement of wind direction and reliable data transfer to the wind turbine controller to make sure the turbine yaws to face the wind for optimum turbine performance.

With a 20-year track record in the toughest of environments in the field, the Wind Vane has long proven its reliability and robustness of sending Pulse-Width Modulation (PWM) signals to the wind turbine controller.

The robust brass and stainless steel design is a high quality construction, tested to withstand tornado-like wind speed up to 70m/s and frequent lightening. Designed for longevity, the anemometer features low friction precision steel bearings, and high reliable contactless readout of rotations due to opto technology.

For sites where de-icing is required, the wind vane can be equipped with a heating unit designed specifically for the Wind Vane to ensure reliable operation at all times.

Key benefits

  • Simple three-wire electric interface

  • Proven robustness and reliability for use in harsh conditions

  • Designed to withstand lightning

  • Thoroughly lab-tested and long track record in the field, up to 70 m/s

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