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Effective conversion of electrical signals

Designed specifically for wind turbines, KK Wind Solutions’ TN-Link reliably converts electrical signals to fibre signals between tower base and nacelle.

Building on KK Wind Solutions’ extensive experience in electrical solutions for wind power, the TN-Link converts electrical signals to fibre signals and back.

A set of two TN-Link modules, installed in the turbine’s nacelle and the tower base, eliminates the need for 24V copper cables which would otherwise be needed to transfer control signals including generator RPM encoder signals.

The TN-Link is compatible with KK Wind Solutions’ V110 Hand terminal, which can be used as a Man Machine Interface (MMI), designed specifically for wind turbine control.

Key benefits

  • Reduces cost by eliminating the need for costly copper cables in the turbine tower

  • Minimises risk related to lightning strikes by using fibre cables

  • Robust design ensures reliable operation in harsh conditions

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