Reciprocating Air Compressor

Features and benefits:

Fully tested and ready-to-install package with easy access to all critical components reduces and simplifies installation and maintenance operations.

  • Advanced CFD aero component design and high-performance low-pressure drop cooling system minimize losses and maximize compressor efficiency and turndown range.
  • Long-life uniformly hardened gears provide extreme reliability and minimize downtime.
  • Hydrodynamic non-contact bearings offer virtually unlimited life and maximum efficiency with 2-3 times the lifespan of traditional bearings.
  • Fully floating, non-contact carbon ring seals minimize air leakage and prevent oil from migrating into the compressed air stream; single-piece seal construction provides significantly better performance than other technologies, saving valuable compressed air.
  • The integral cooler design helps the compressor keep a compact footprint.
  • Built-in constant pressure or auto-dual control logics ensure system reliability by precisely managing discharge pressure and optimizing energy consumption in all operating conditions.
  • The controller’s intuitive, high-resolution color display makes critical information quick and easy to find. Web-enabled communication with email notification of alarms and trips allows you to maintain optimal operation automatically and to access to your compressor from virtually anywhere.
  • The Xe-Series controller uses the latest control algorithms to help lower energy consumption. Built-in Energy Smart Set point (ESS) adjusts settings to balance and share loads between multiple compressors in the same system, reducing bypassed air and saving energy.

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