Oil Free Rotary Units

Over the last 4 years, and driven by an increasing market demand for oil-free units, Ingersoll Rand has gained experience in manufacturing API619 units.

API619 design features a higher level of technology since, most of the time, these kind of units have to be placed at very critical sites, in extreme ambient conditions, as well as in dangerous areas of the plant.

Main motors, coolers, pump, coupling, safety and relief valves, oil circuit system, instrument, controls, interconnecting piping, as well as tubing have to comply with very high standards of design and construction.

Finally, key aspects in the development of an engineered package (material, technical choice, tests, and inspections) are customized according to the API guidelines.

Typical applications for skid packages include:

  • Chemical / Petrochemical
  • Oil & Gas
  • Air Separation
  • Power Generation

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