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Tablet & Capsule Hardness Tester Model: LY-TC5D

Tablet & Capsule Hardness Tester Model: LY-TC5D

This hardness tester is an ideal equipment to test the hardness of tablet and soft gelatin capsules. It can reflect the standard of production craft as important index for the quality control of tablet and soft gelatin capsules.

It is widely used on the science research area and medical field to guarantee the accuracy of clinical trial.

The high accuracy pressure sensor and the digital display can help user test more conveniently.

Applications and Features

  • Medical/Pharmaceutical
  • Easy to use
  • Fast results
  • Accurate


Test range

5 - 350N




±1% rdg ± 5 dgt

Test diameter

2mm - 40mm

Speed adjustment range

0.1mm/s - 5mm/s

Speed resolution


Measurement mode

Single Cumulative Continuous Decrement                                                                                                                 (maximum number of measurements 200)

Preset group (maximum 10 groups, 1 - 20 per group)


Newton N or Kgf

(unit conversion can be achieved by tapping the screen)

Display control

1024 x 600 color graphics dot matrix,

K600+ core 65K color 7” touch screen.


R232 standard print interface

can be connected to micro-play

can be output in English, with printer




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