ICOP Technology Inc.

ICOP Technology Inc.

Industrial IoT Development Kits

We provide Industrial IoT Development Kits that offers low power consumption; touch screen LCD, and stackable wireless connection in a package with sample code available.

These Industrial IoT Development Kits are integrated with DMP’s Vortex86EX low-power consumption x86 400MHz processor (VEX-SOM) and DIGI’s XBee module. Furthermore, VEX-IOT-DEV kit provides balanced computing performance with 128MB DDR3 system memory and stable wireless connectivity for your devices.

Being the first I/O-configurable IoT development kit, users can decide what I/O they would like to use with VEX-IOT-DEV. I/O function USB1&2, LAN, CANbus, I2C, 8ch 11-bit A/D, GPIO20 to 27, Printer, COM1&2, COM5 to 8 for TxRx only, Line-in & out, MIC-in. SATA, Micro SD, 7.5MB SPI ROM, Keyboard, and Mouse are pre-configured to reduce development cost and time to market purpose.

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