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Hydraulic Cylinders

Hydraulic Cylinders

Hydro ZNPHS Hydraulic Cylinders is used to control hydraulic drives of machines. Using wide range of Hydraulic Cylinders parts and accessories, diameters, and escalating style suits the requirements of both industrial and mobile applications.

Working Conditions of our Hydraulic cylinders

Working Pressure Standard: 21MPa (210bar)
Maximum: 25MPa (250bar)
Temperature Standard: - 20 C°C ÷ 150°
Maximum: for VITON - 20
Speed Standard: 0,5 m/s
Maximum:1 m/s
Fluid Standard: Hydraulic mineral oils
Special: HFC fluids, phosphate esters
Stroke Up to 6000 mm
Materials used Stainless steel/material steel

These products are manufactured using welded cold-drawn steel tubes and are available in two versions such as:

  • Power Steering Hydraulic Cylinders
  • Double  or Single acting hydraulic cylinders

We are one of the leading hydraulic cylinder manufacturers and produce our products according to our customer’s requirements. We proffer various types of hydraulic cylinders such as HCD series cylinders, HDP series cylinders, and compact hydraulic cylinders.

HCD series cylinders: These cylinders are produced in accordance with ISO 6020/2 standard, tie rod cylinders, high quality solution with very good working parameters, high accuracy and reliability.

HDP series cylinders: They are produced based on ISO 6022 standard and contains superior working parameters, high-quality solutions, high accuracy and reliability parameters.

Compact hydraulic cylinders: These kinds of cylinders encompass light alloys, ample durability, consistent construction that enables easy installation.


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