Filtration Units

Mobile oil filtration unit and pumping units such as AGF-15/AGF-25 Filtration unit is ideal solution for the quick filing of the hydraulic oil tanks, and for the hydraulic fluid filtration systems uses. They are used for the filtration of the contaminated oil. Our Heavy duty hydraulic filtration systems, oil cleaning equipments help to remove water from the oil systems and also decrease the contamination level. They allows also to monitor the fluid contamination and check it according to ISO standards.

Technical Specifications of our Filtration Units:


Gear pump AGF-15 Flow rate: 15l/min
Electric motor SEMLh 71-4B 0,25 kW – 230 V
Gear pump AGF -25 flow rate: 25 l/min
Electic motor SEMlh 71-2C 0,55 kW – 230 V
Working pressure 0,5 MPa
Temperature range -25  80°C
Suction filter 500 μm
Weight: AGF-15 22,5 kg
Weight: AGF-25 24 kg


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