Company : HORIBA, Ltd.

Category : Test and Measurement

Stack Gas Analysis System ENDA-5000

Stack Gas Analysis System ENDA – 5000 series of stack gas analysis systems are built based on our experience and decades of experience and quality. This stack gas analysis system has a smaller footprint, and use cross-flow modulated non-dispersive infrared (NDIR) detection with a magnet-pneumatic detection method that is inherently drift-free. Stack Gas Analysis System ENDA – 5000 series are superior continuous analysis systems that are perfect in the difficult field of exhaust gas measurement, where measurement errors cannot be tolerated.

This stack gas emissions analyzer features a new intuitive touch panel that makes every operation available with the touch of a single button. Stack Gas Analysis System ENDA – 5000 series systems are also designed for faster, more efficient maintenance. This stack gas analysis system is ideal for a variety of uses, including monitoring steam boiler, refuse incinerator, and electric power generation plant emissions to assure pollution standards are being met.

Features of Stack Gas Analysis System ENDA – 5000:

  • Continuous simultaneous measurement of up to 5 components with one system
  • Correction for interfere
  • Better alerts and extra alerts
  • A variety of types functions (up to 12 kinds of output)
  • Dramatically reduced correction time for SO2

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