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Hydrogen Chloride Analyzer TX-100

Hydrogen Chloride Analyzer TX-100

Hydrogen Chloride Analyzer TX-100 is HORIBA’s brand new laser HCI analyzer with a probe type optical system which employs direct insert method. Hydrogen Chloride Analyzer TX-100 is suitable for monitoring HCI concentration in incineration plants and the control of HCI removal process in various industries including cement factories and petrochemical plants, etc.

Features of Hydrogen Chloride Analyzer TX-100

Probe type optical system


  • Both laser projector and receiver are together at the same side of the analyzer
  • Only one process connection tie-in is required for the installation of the analyzer
  • Easy replacement to an existing analyzer (e.g. sampling type analyzer)
  • The probe that maintains the optical axis performs stable analysis
  • Continuous moisture correction function supports high accuracy measurement

Laser analyzer

  • Non-sampling method provides direct measurement and quick response
  • Feedback control available
  • Excellent long-term stability
  • No maintenance for effluent treatment because no reagent is required

HORIBA’s original calibration mechanism

The analyzer calibrates without any disruption to the facility’s operations. The zero point can be checked automatically and the signals are kept in stable condition over long term (US patent No. 8934101; patent pending for Japan, Europe, and China)

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