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Remote I/O Adapter Module(1747-ASB)

Remote I/O Adapter Module(1747-ASB)

RIO communication link module, SLC 500 single-slot. It takes over the No.1 slot (slot 0) of a 1746 remote chassis, where the SLC processor normally resides.What is the 1747-ASB modulean adapter.

Or slave, on the RIO link.

And the master of the remote chassis.

And remote expansion chassis it is installed in .Remote expansion chassis are selectable.

1747-ASB Module Feature

  • allows use of 2-slot, 1-slot, and 1/2-slot addressing

  • supports 57.6K, 115.2K, and 230.4K baud operation on the RIO link

  • supports complementary I/O on the RIO link

  • provides RIO link processor restart lockout selection

  • allows for image sizes between 2 and 32 logical groups (user selectable)

  • supports RIO block transfers and RIO discrete transfers for analog and other specialty I/O modules

  • incorporates enhanced operating status and troubleshooting capability using three 7-segment displays

  • provides non-volatile memory for convenient I/O module slot keying

  • provides discrete output module hold last state selection

  • communicates I/O data up to a maximum of 3040 meters (10,000 feet)

  • incorporates extended node capability

  • controls up to 30 slots using remote expansion chassis

  • supports any mix of 1746 discrete or analog I/O


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