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CompactLogix Controllers(1769-L32E)

CompactLogix Controllers(1769-L32E)

1769 CompactLogix Controllers:

Main Model No.:1769-L31, 1769-L32C, 1769-L35CR, 1769-L35E

1769-L32E PRICE: 1600.00 USD

The delivery time is in 3 days.

product weight:0. 3 kg.


CompactLogix Controller – 1769-L32E, 1769-L35E.



Power dissipation

2.61 W

Power supply distance rating

4 (The controller must be within four slot positions of the power supply.)

Nonvolatile memory

1784-CF64 or 1784-CF128 CompactFlash card

User memory

512 KB

Number of I/O modules, max

16 I/O modules

Number of I/O banks, max

3 banks

Backplane current

330 mA at 5V dc 40 mA at 24V dc



Weight, approx.

0.30 kg (0.66 lb)

Programming  cable

1747-CP3 or 1756-CP3

Panel mounting screw torque (using M4 or #8 screws)

10…16 in-lb. (1.1…1.8 Nm)

Enclosure type rating

none (open style)

Wiring category

2 on communication ports(1)

Isolation voltage

30V (continuous), Basic Insulation Type


Type tested at 710V dc for 60 s, RS232 to system, ENET to system, RS232 to ENET

Communication ports

CH0 – RS-232 CH1 – RS-232


RS-232 RS-232


DF1, DH-485, ASCII DF1, DH-485


fully isolated non-isolated


38.4 Kbps max 38.4 Kbps max



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