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Vibratory Ovals GO Series

Vibratory Ovals GO Series

Giant Finishing’s GO series is ideal for continues process and high production of small to medium parts (stamping, castings, extrusions) with time cycles between 5 minutes to 30 minutes.

Giant Ovals can be run batch or continuous the best of both worlds.

This vibratory deburring equipment amongst the others can be customized for your particular applications and we can even make left or right hand sided outputs.

The oval series machines are a popular option for equipment as the machine can be set up to run batch or continuous flow. Giving the customer the option of running parts in a batch cycle to handle longer process times. Giants Oval series can be run just like a standard vibratory bowl. For short time cycles set the dam in the unload position and feed the parts continuously for a once around and out process with a much smaller foot print than an FT series, multi-pass, or long Radius machine.

Because of the overall length and unique oval design (race track shape) a much longer and wider channel has the capabilities of standard deburring better than any long radius or multi-pass vibratory equipment out there. In a single once around pass parts are discharged out of the machinery and deburred efficiently.

There’s no better choice then a Giant Oval style machine.

Standard Features:

  • 100% Separation
  • Spiral bottom
  • Heavy duty bowl & base weldment
  • Removable cast polyurethane drain plug
  • J.I.C. Control panel
  • Polyurethane lining
  • Tuned coil spring suspension
  • Drop-on weight segments
  • Removable cast urethane screen
  • Adjustable amplitude flywheel
  • Media discharge door
  • Parts Discharge ramp
  • Steel media ready
  • Flexible time cycles
  • Variable speed drive
  • 15-60 cu. ft. Sizes

Optional Features:

  • PLC Controls
  • Extended or wrap around screen
  • Screen deck spray system
  • Additional urethane cast screen
  • Settling tank
  • Low PH package
  • Suspended sound suppressor cover
  • Automatic premixing compound system
  • Timer controlled unload cycle with gate clearing discharge ramp
  • Blow off system
  • Step deck

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