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Gadda Industrie Srl 

Via Adriano Olivetti, 13, 10010 Colleretto Giacosa TO, Italy

Bell and Pit Furnaces

Bell and Pit Furnaces

Bell and Pit Furnaces

The Gadda group produces high quality bell and pit furnace. Key design factors are maximum reliability and high efficiency/low energy consumption. The bell furnaces design allows the positioning of heating elements evenly on both long side walls and grants optimal chamber sealing, allowing excellent temperature uniformity to be reached.

A bell furnace combined with multiple bases increases the efficiency of the plant reducing unproductive times. A combination of lift and translation of the furnace increases room for loading/unloading operations and allows the use of existing cranes to manipulate the load. Different types of heating elements and heat recovery devices are available.

Optimal sealing and first quality refractory materials reduce thermal losses to a minimum. Furnace forced cooling could be offered as an option.

Technical specifications


– Size and productivity tailored to customer needs– Load up to 200 T

Heating types

– Gas burners direct flame– Radiant tubes (inert atmosphere)

Energy saving

– Self-recuperative burners– Regenerative burners– High quality refractory materials– Continuous monitoring through supervision system

Temperature uniformity standard

– API 6A– AMS2750E (Aerospace)– NORSOK (Oil and gas)– CQI-9 (Automotive)

Supervision system– Custom made supervision system ready for fullintegration with customer management system

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