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Computer|dynamic simulators|for operators

Computer|dynamic simulators|for operators

CORYS offers comprehensive generic high fidelity PC based dynamic simulators.These realistic, high-fidelity, real-time programs build confidence in new trainees and improve the skills of the most experienced operators.

Main features

All real time models are based on first principles of chemical engineering with rigorous thermodynamics calculation and physical component properties database. CORYS generic simulation programs accurately represent plant start-up and shutdown, in addition to a variety of design and abnormal operating conditions.

Based on latest Microsoft technologies, they can be run locally, on a network or remotely via a web browser for web-based e-Learning.

They can be used on a self-training basis or an instructor lead basis. They are Sharable Content Object Reference Model (SCORM) compliant and can easily be integrated with Learning Management Systems (LMS).

The generic models offer cost effective training solutions to teach concept and fundamentals of equipment, process control and plant operations. They can be used to train console operators in typical and upset conditions, start-up and shutdown, etc.

Delivered with generic control and safety system emulation, detailed documentation and advanced instructor features, they can be utilized for operator certification and evaluation.

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