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Freight trains|simulator|for driver training

Freight trains|simulator|for driver training

Freight train driver simulators enhance basic learning and provide lifelong training and skill improvement, with a direct impact on operational profitability and rolling stock lifespan.

Train dynamics

Lifelike practicing of the most demanding train handling techniques to understand and master train dynamics over all types of track topologies thanks to market leading advanced train dynamics models for in-train forces, wheel-rail L/V interaction, liquid displacement in tank cars.


Real time interactive training aids supporting the teaching of economical driving strategies, which not only reduce the energy bill but also reduce material wear and fatigue.

Route Learning

Route learning can be expanded to the entire railroad network thanks to Mobile Mapping allowing thousands of kilometres of track to be generated quickly and inexpensively in CGI imagery with high-fidelity rendering.

Engineering studies

Replaying of Event Recorder Downloads for best practices analysis as well as incident and accident investigation, thereby looping the operations feedback into the training programme

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