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Flatbed Bodies

Flatbed Bodies

Base model

For ideal body weight combined with maximum load-carrying capability, our design and building solutions are based throughout on lightweight construction technology.

The box body’s substructure uses lightweight construction technology in the form of high-strength corrosion-resistant, shaped, aluzinc profiles in a beam system with excellent bearing strength. The box floor is plywood with an anti-slip wear-resistant surface.

Roof, walls and hatches are made of a lightweight, reinforced thermoplastic. This material has a wear and impact-resistant surface that is very easy to repair and recyclable.

The transparent roof gives a lighter box interior and, consequently, easier goods handling and improved ergonomics. Total thickness is 30 mm.

Interior lighting (mounted in a protected position next to a rear internal frame member) has a timer function and a separate switch.

Lashing rails for secure load anchoring are mounted on side walls. On internal walls and the front bulkhead, there are Aluzinc kick plates rising to around 300 mm off the floor.

External aluminium profiles are painted white and have shaped upper corners. To ensure maximum sealing against water penetration, the various design elements are bonded together.

The ventilation valve in the front wall is of a waterproof design.

The rear door frame is stainless steel and has a compression seal Rear doors open through 270 degrees and have a foldaway stainless steel lock. As an alternative, a top-hinged hatch (with protected gas struts) is available in combination with a tail lift. For both doors and hatch, the free load height in the cargo opening is the same as the interior box height.


A number of system solutions are available for the above base model. They include side doors, spoilers, load lashing fixtures, etc.

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