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Fabricated Items-Wall Pipe

Fabricated Items-Wall Pipe

Product Description

Centrifugally cast wall pipe is manufactured for use in piping water through walls in water treatment plants and pump stations.

All AMERICAN fabricated wall pipe uses ductile iron components in combination with the following: cast or threaded on mechanical joint bells (can be tapped for studs), flanges (can be tapped for studs) and welded-on collars.

Wall pipe is normally fabricated of special thickness class 53 ductile iron pipe, but it may be furnished with minimum classes unless threaded flanges or threaded mechanical joint bells are included or unless specified otherwise.

Wall pipes with centrifugally cast mechanical joint bells will be provided instead with heavy-duty steel key locking thread inserts to accept threaded studs.

Flanges and mechanical joint bells of minimum-length pieces should normally be specified by the purchaser as “tapped for studs” to enable assembly of joints flush with the wall face.

Minimum-length pipes with plain ends in many cases do not allow enough room between the plain end and the collar to assemble joints. Consult AMERICAN for plain end joint assembly needs, which normally require longer pipes.


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