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Mobile Lighting Towers MS7.5K-9

Mobile Lighting Towers MS7.5K-9

The MS7.5K-9 is a 9m lighting tower with five 1500W metal halide lamps and hydraulic operational features, available in skid or single-axle trailer mounted configurations.

  • Naturally aspirated, with high power and torque

  • Compact designs

  • Minimised noise levels and controlled subjective harshness

  • Reliable and durable, with low oil consumption and service intervals set at 500 hours as standard

  • Seven scopes of lighting direction/positioning

  • Highwall overhang capabilities

Tower Details:

  • Environmental: Bunded

  • Light Output in KW:1500W

  • Mast Height m/ft:9m/30"

  • Total Lumens:725000

  • Lumens per Watt:96.7

  • Fuel Capacity:130 Ltrs /34 US Ga


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