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Lighting towers superskids SS15K-12

Lighting towers superskids SS15K-12

Powering the massive light output is a reliable, heavy-duty FG Wilson generator, mounted on steel base and housed in a lockable enclosure.


  • Clean, quiet and efficient Perkins engines coupled with heavy duty Leroy Somer brushless alternator. (Other power options are available on request)

  • Optimised cylinder head configuration for optimum fuel and oil consumption and maximum efficiency

  • Cyclone style air cleaner and earth leakage protection

  • Residual Current Device (RCD) protection, and RCD main switch installed in generator supply circuit with a test point

  • Circuit breaker installed into lighting circuit and all circuit breakers are fitted in IP 56 enclosures

Tower Details:

  • Environmental: Bunded

  • Light Output in KW:5.4kW

  • Mast Height m/ft:12.7m/41' 7"

  • Total Lumens:504,000

  • Lumens per Watt:5400

  • Fuel Capacity:220L (58 US Gal)


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