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Light Towers LED Lighting GEN2 MSLED280K-9

Light Towers LED Lighting GEN2 MSLED280K-9

Each LED flood light provides 28,000 effective lumens after stabilisation (IES standard - LM 79-08). Photometric Light Plots based on NATA approved testing paramaters confidently state that the light output will match field testing.

  • Extra low voltage (DC). OH&S risk elimination

  • 10 x 300W low glare RFComSafe lamps producing 280,000 lumens

  • Refuel every 2 weeks – on basis of 12hr operation each night

  • Light Instant-on (no warm-up/cool down)

  • 13t annual carbon footprint reduction per tower

  • Total Control System

  • 50,000hrs of life per light

  • 500hr service intervals

Tower Details

  • Environmental: Bunded Light

  • Output in KW:3kW

  • Mast Height m/ft:10m/29’ 6”

  • Total Lumens:280,000

  • Lumens per Watt:93

  • Fuel Capacity:220L/58 US Gal


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