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BO Modular Laser Processing Optic

BO Modular Laser Processing Optic

The laser processing optics BO is developed for industrial laser applications up to 6 kW* cw-laser power and consists of collimating and focusing optics.

The BO is available as a straight version or with a deflection unit. The usage of different image ratios corresponds to different working distances and focus diameter and thus available for many different applications.

Components like cover glass drawer and cross jet are available as options. Interfaces for different laser types like fiber laser, diode laser or disk laser can be configured.

The laser processing optic can be extended and customized by many more options.

BO Optic Features & Benefits:

  • Laser processing head for CW – Laser up to 6 kW*
  • Integrated cross jet
  • Service friendly system
  • Cover slide drawer

*The maximum laser power depends on the configuration. Higher laser power on request.

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