ZS Zylinder-Service GmbH

ZS Zylinder-Service GmbH

Bruchweg 15, 46509 Xanten, Germany

AboutZS Zylinder-Service GmbH

"ZS Zylinder-Service GmbH builds special hydraulic cylinders and machines"

ZS Zylinder-Service GmbH is a German cylinder manufacturer with a production plant in the Czech Republic. With our engineers in Xanten and our production team in Stupno, we fulfill the most demanding requirements in respect of the quality of products and processing of medium size and large cylinders.

Our abilities are founded on experience that has been gained over many years in manufacturing and repairing of more than 50,000 hydraulic cylinders for mining, mechanical engineering, hydraulical engineering and other sectors of industry.

Where standard cylinders simply don't do any more, our range of products just starts.

We mainly build and manufacture hydraulic cylinders with piston diameters from 200 mm to 1,000 mm. For cylinders of special shapes, with measuring and control technology and for using highly resilient and / or corrosion resistant steel we are your competent point of contact for smaller diameters, too.

Part of the engineering services of ZS is also to develop devices and hydraulically driven special machines, including aggregate and controls. Planning and manufacturing are combined in one competent hand.

ZS carries our maintenance, repair and emergency repair activities on its own products and on products that have been manufactured by third parties.

Application Fields of ZS Hydraulic Cylinders

  • grinding rollers in coal mills

  • scrap presses and scissors

  • punch press, bending and forming machines

  • aggregates for filter presses and filtration

  • cylinders with pivoting piston in grinding mills

  • big pipe welding plants

  • mobile applications, e.g. excavators and lifting facilities

  • cylinders, aggregates and control units in civil hydraulic engineering, e.g. bridge and sluice cylinder

  • cylinders in steel works, e.g. rolling equipment, slab and handling

  • special devices to pull out grinding rollers in coal power plants