Zoppas Industries Heating Element Technologies

Zoppas Industries Heating Element Technologies

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AboutZoppas Industries Heating Element Technologies

Zoppas Industries Heating Element Technologies is Lean because its people are working to Lean principles

It is not enough to be amongst the best producers of high technology heating elements, nor to be an international company

We want to  achieve much more and expand

This is why we have adopted the Lean principles, as a strategic business system, implemented in all areas.

 Lean creates and improves processes

Together we can create and apply standard works for all our value streams, from suppliers to customers, optimising our production

 Lean increases value

Together we can put our focus on the activities that increase the benefits and satisfaction of our customers

 Lean is to improve the supply chain

Together we can  implement tools pull to link the needs of the market up our suppliers

 Lean is to eradicate waste

Together we can identify and reduce non value-added activities, improving on quality and work organisation

 Lean is to believe

Together we can organise continuous training to spread, share and support the lean principles of our  Zoppas system

 Lean is continuous improvement

Together we start  new projects and enhance our performance, creating excellent value for our customers

ZI Heating Element Technologies is a reliable global supplier for the design, manufacture and sale on the world market of heating elements and systems for domestic and industrial use.These are the main steps of the company’s evolution:


ZI Heating Element Technologies began its activities in 1963 under the name IRCA. Between 1964 and 1970 IRCA directed its business at achieving leadership on the promising post-war Italian market and success in Europe, especially in applications for the household appliance industry.


ZI Heating Element Technologies imported the know-how from the United States for producing defrosting elements, aimed at the rapidly growing refrigeration market.


The key to success was the introduction of an innovative steel sheathed tubular heating element, which soon proved its reliability and replaced the previous copper technology in the washing business.


ZI Heating Element Technologies extended its range of products for the European market and set up a number of specialist production units:

SEV (1973): electrical heating elements and systems for the small household appliance and refrigeration industries.RICA (1975): design and manufacture of heating elements for the industrial market (cartridges and bands).CORIS (1979): indoor heating.