YXLON International

YXLON International

c/o Comet Technologies USA, Inc. 5675 Hudson Industrial Parkway Hudson, OH 44236

AboutYXLON International

YXLON International designs and produces radioscopic and CT inspection systems for a broad variety of industrial applications and fields. Whether in the aviation and aerospace, automotive, or electronics industry, our customers are among the largest manufacturers in the world – major enterprises that place their confidence in our outstanding quality. Our roots go back to the discovery of the X-rays by Wilhelm Conrad Röntgen in 1895 and the construction of the first X-ray tube by Carl Heinrich Florenz Müller in Hamburg in 1896.

The Innovative Drive of a Young Enterprise Combined with more than 120 Years of Experience in X-ray

The name YXLON stands for quality and safety for all types of cast parts, tires, electronic components, turbine blades, welded joints and a lot more. Whether in manual, semi or fully automated operation, our inspection systems support the production and are ideal for deployment in research & development.Computed tomography provides a three-dimensional insight into inspection items, thus enabling the analysis of inner structures, dimensional measurement tasks in metrology applications or actual-to-nominal comparisons to CAD data, to name only a few examples. Besides delivering a more precise inspection evaluation when compared with radiography, computed tomography also provides valuable information about the production process. Above and beyond such advantages, our microfocus systems permit highly detailed looks into the most intricate structures and tiniest components.With our headquarters in Hamburg, sales and service locations in Hudson (Ohio), San Jose (California), Yokohama, Beijing, Shanghai, and Hsinshu (Taiwan), as well as a network of representatives in over 50 countries, as YXLON we’re local for our customers all over the world.