Weil Technology GmbH

Weil Technology GmbH

Neuenburger Str. 23 79379 Müllheim

AboutWeil Technology GmbH

We provide sustainable inspiration to our customers by working with them in realizing fascinating and valuable solutions in the field of sheet metal processing.

Realizing fascinating solutions

We empower our customers to fully leverage their potential in the production of sheet metal and metal assemblies in order to achieve economic goals and sustainable success. Our manufacturing solutions are deployed wherever change takes place and tomorrow’s products are created.

We have been developing machines and modular systems for more than 30 years, which are characterized by the combination of innovative laser, clamping and automation technologies and enable versatile production steps in the processes forming, cutting and joining.

Our solutions and services are characterized by expertise, flexibility and commitment. Our central goal is to provide added value for our customers and to satisfy their needs, as has been demonstrated by thousands of installations worldwide and our many long-term partnerships.

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