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WEH GmbH connection technology

For more than 40 years, WEH has been a leading manufacturer in connection technology with a focus on the development of quick connectors and special couplings.

Founded in 1973 as a one-man company, the company expanded rapidly.

With a keen sense for market needs, WEH soon developed its own line of quick connectors , which can be used to create pressure- and function- tight connections in seconds - without the need for screws.

The collet system developed by WEH ensured a leap in efficiency in leak testing.

The high quality and innovative quick adaptersFor pressure, function and leak testing as well as for filling and evacuating gaseous media, their application is currently used in all major industries such as: B. in the manufacturing industry, hydraulics, automotive, gases or refrigeration and air conditioning.

As a specialist in the field of connection technology, WEH not only offers a wide range of standard products, but also numerous custom solutions tailored to customer requirements.

WEH GmbH Gas Technology

WEH recognized the future of alternative fuels at an early stage and is today the world market leader for alternative refueling components.

As early as 1986 , the product range was expanded to include alternative refueling components for natural gas and hydrogen, and WEH GmbH Gas Technology was founded.

The NGV1 natural gas refueling system developed by WEH is today the standard used worldwide.

The balanced design, high user-friendliness, safety and reliabilityWEH® products - ranging from fueling nozzles, anti-tampering and gas station filters to tank nipples and vehicle check valves - have contributed significantly to better acceptance of alternative fuels in society.

From here, it was only a small step in the development of hydrogen fueling components.This is where WEH once again sets international standards as a pioneer. Today, the most modern hydrogen refueling stations worldwide are equipped with WEH® refueling components. The latest hydrogen fuel cell vehicles from well-known car manufacturers are also equipped with WEH® refueling components today. Through intensive research and development, we have become today a reliable and highly valued partner of the automotive industry in this high technology.

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