Walter GmbH

Walter GmbH

Dieselstr. 1, 72189 Vöhringen Germany

AboutWalter GmbH

From a one-man operation to one of the most modern manufacturing companies in the saw blade industry

WALTER GmbH has been a byword for precision carbide tipped saw blades for over 55 years. Today, we primarily supply original equipment manufacturers, as well as national and international wholesalers, with precision saw blades. WALTER even produces the saw bodies required for saw blade production in-house. That's because maximum quality can only be guaranteed when the complete manufacturing process takes place in house. For several years now, all of the saw bodies manufactured by our company have been needed for in-house saw blade production. Previously, we were able to supply competitors in Germany and abroad with our saw bodies.

Standing still means a step backwards. That is why we continually develop optimised tooth shapes and cutting geometries. Our goal: more operating comfort through the reduction of noise and vibration. We make use of state-of-the-art electronic measuring devices in our work.