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Vicosystems s.l

27 Calle Muntaner, Sabadell, Catalonia, 08206, Spain

AboutVicosystems s.l

When most of the main brands that currently make up the collaborative robotics market did not yet exist, at Vicosystems we were already considering high-tech solutions for process automation . It was at the time that this new sector began to be discussed that Vicosystems understood that this was the niche in which it wanted to specialize.

Vicosystems, 20 years of experience in collaborative robotics


Helping companies to implement collaborative robotics in their processes, through the supply of the best technological solutions and the provision of high value-added services has been our  MISSION from that moment on. And, since then we have not stopped growing, innovating and perfecting our value offer, being totally pioneers in each of the services that we have been developing, always at the forefront of the market, taking advantage of all the opportunities that were presented to us, looking for the most appropriate synergies and betting at all times on the highest quality and safety of our products.


At VICOSYSTEMS, despite our high technological component and our close relationship with robots and machines, we believe that people are the most important asset of companies and for this reason our VISION is, without a doubt, to be the leaders of collaboration in the sector establishing synergies with all the agents involved. This is how our motto #somoscolaborativos also emerged , created as the highest representative of our project and currently widely extended within the sector by other brands.


The VICOSYSTEMS project is characterized by its VALUES . We have a fighting spirit, tireless, that is strengthened in the face of adversity, that learns from mistakes and that always looks for areas for improvement. We maintain an innate illusion that helps us achieve the goals we set for ourselves; we are creative and persevering, two qualities we rely on to continue shaping our dreams, from excellence, rigor and professionalism, and offering value to the market always ahead of time and with such experienced and differential customer service that It has led us to the benchmark that we are.