Vesta Engineering Srl

Vesta Engineering Srl

via Irpinia, 735020 Villatora di Saonara (PD)

AboutVesta Engineering Srl

The VESTA Group has been operating in the Industrial Automation sector since 1980 with the birth of Tecoma Srl , System Integrator and commercial of pneumatic components and equipment for industrial automation 100% Made in Italy (Pneumatics, Aluminum structural profiles, Vacuum components , Valves for fluids, Gripping systems, Work units, Instrumentation).

The company philosophy and the desire to remain faithful to the quality of the products handled immediately led to the conception of a larger project, which resulted in 1984 with the establishment of Vesta Automation Srl , a company producing pneumatic components derived 100% from raw materials. Italian premieres. Today this project has developed further with the birth of Vesta Engineering. Based on the new perspectives and the reality of today's industry, Vesta Engineering is the third reality of the group that can enjoy the integration of skills of the two subsidiaries, offering the customer a complete experience in the world of automation and robotics.


The Vesta Group with its many years of experience in the field of automation has decided to grow, giving life to a new company: Vesta Engineering.

Born as a design, research and development and consultancy core within the Group, Vesta Engineering wants to support and satisfy your requests and needs, proposing and developing cutting-edge solutions for you in an industry 4.0 key.

We want to be your innovative partner: by offering you "smart" growth, we allow you to focus on what you do best, your core business, delegating to us and our experience the development of the technology that will allow us to make you a winner globally.

We are sure to offer you the best solutions thanks to the strength of the Vesta Group and to important collaborations already operational with numerous technological partners active in the field of robotics and vision systems.


Vesta Engineering proposes itself as the only reality capable of offering you a complete solution thanks to the best combination of services - machines - skills, according to your needs.

We know how to adapt to the technical needs of different sectors and systems and be a partner for your company capable of configuring exclusive solutions. We offer you the possibility to manage total control over your industrial activity, or part of it, thanks to the maximum personalized integration of technical, production, management and technological skills.

Vesta Engineering, with its team, puts at your disposal a variety of services, guaranteeing the turnkey supply of advanced technical solutions aimed at optimizing production processes, allowing you to reach the highest standards in terms of quality, flexibility, speed, productivity and competitiveness, with a rapid return of capital.

We want to make you the protagonist of the new Industrial Revolution and not just a spectator.

30 years of reliability

For 30 years, we have been producing pneumatic cylinders, valves, single and series solenoid valves with multi-pin connections, air treatment units and linear guidance systems.

We operate in Italy and in the most highly industrialised and developed countries in and outside Europe through our network of loyal distributors.

Our competitive advantages

A constant quest for excellence in our work, and flexibility in the service we provide our clients.

Only in this way can we manufacture products that are of high quality, precise, reliable, long-lasting, competitively priced and elegant. Elegance is not a whim, but the most precious human component of our technology, made entirely in Italy.

Nothing works better than numbers to back up words:

  • 20 million valves produced since 1984
  • 15 million cylinders produced since 1984 
  • 0.01% non-compliance
  • 8,000 available valve references
  • 25,000 available cylinder references
  • 70% foreign sales
  • 30 countries exported to
  • 1996 year in which we received our first ISO9001 certification