Vecna Robotics

Vecna Robotics

425 Waverley Oaks RoadWaltham, MA 02452

AboutVecna Robotics

We Automate and Orchestrate How Goods Move

Vecna Robotics is the autonomous mobile robot (AMR) company that helps distribution, warehousing, and manufacturing organizations streamline their materials handling and logistics operations.

Best in ClassSelf-Driving Equipment

From pallet trucks to tow tractors and counterbalanced lift trucks, Vecna Robotics offers a range of high-capacity autonomous mobile robots (AMRs) for all types of materials handling applications. With navigation enabled by multi-sensor fusion and best-in-class safety systems, Vecna Robotics’ self-driving industrial vehicles offer the payload capacity of automated guided vehicles (AGVs) with the intelligence, safety, path planning and obstacle avoidance of AMRs.