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Uson L.P

8640 N. Eldridge ParkwayHouston, TX 77041 USA

AboutUson L.P

Meet Uson: The Pioneer of Modern Leak Testing

We employ the most tenured and experienced people in the leak testing industry.  Our team of experts have helped manufacturers around the world bring the highest quality, the safest and the most reliable products to market.

Uson Customized Leak Testing Equipment & Systems

We first developed high accuracy leak test methods for NASA’s space program and for over 50 years has been at the forefront of leak testing, and fully customized testing systems.

We engineer best-in-class leak testing equipment for markets such as:

  • Automotive/Transportation
  • Electric Vehicles
  • Industrial
  • Medical device
  • Packaging

We are now helping the world’s leading manufacturers with requirements for non-destructive leak testing maintain quality standards in globally distributed supply chains.

Best-in-Class Customer Service & Support from Uson Leak Testing Experts

Look to Uson for lifetime support of your leak testing solution:

  • World class leak testers
  • Unbeatable leak testing applications expertise
  • Customer care second to none

In partnership with our global network of Uson representatives, our team provides a highly responsive customer service and support.  

Our service and support team are available by phone or email and respond to inquiries within 24hrs. It’s our goal to ensure your systems run without interruptions and issues are resolved quickly and efficiently.