43 Catley Rd, Sheffield S9 5JF, UK


From humble beginnings 35 years ago as a contractors’ plant, tool hire and sales outlet, Universal Drilling and Cutting Equipment has developed into arguably the world’s largest manufacturer of broaching hole cutters and electro-magnetic drilling machines.

Widely used in steel fabrication and construction - both in the shop and out on site - the broach cutting system provides great benefits in terms of accuracy, efficiency, portability, versatility, and time (and therefore cost) savings.

Through organic growth and the acquisition of competitors, the company has developed a dominant place in the global market and now enjoys a worldwide reputation for the high performance and consistent quality of its products.

Universal has benefited from increased investment at its manufacturing base in Sheffield, England. State of the art, semi- and fully automatic CNC machine tools now produce most of the components of the drill stands and upwards of 50,000 cutters a month. In addition to its own machines, Universal manufactures OEM equipment for several other major power tool brands.

Using its extensive experience of solving hole cutting problems, Universal has also developed specialist machines such as the Airbor and the Hydrobor, operated entirely by compressed air or hydraulic power, for use in hazardous environments or even underwater, where electric power is impossible.

The company’s highly skilled engineers have also developed many bespoke cutters for specialist applications and situations, and are always happy to consult on particular problems.

With marketing subsidiaries in the USA, Holland and France and distributors throughout the world, the company is still driven by the energy, commitment and enthusiasm of its founder and CEO, Mike Bryan and his team of specialists, all striving to keep Universal Drilling and Cutting Equipment at the forefront of hole cutting excellence.