Treviño Industrial Automation SA de CV

Treviño Industrial Automation SA de CV

ve 2 de Abril 406 Colonia Independencia between Oaxaca and Tlaxcala. Monterey NL. ZIP 64720

AboutTreviño Industrial Automation SA de CV

We are an Internationally Successful, and Proudly Mexican, Company Founded in 1994, Providers of Services and Automation Equipment for the Industry in General.

Our history

Our company began operations in 1994, as a result of seeing the need for qualified labor for certain services of a specialized technical nature that the industry in general really needs.

Due to the opening of international markets and the investment offer that occurred in our country due to different trade agreements and the need of the industry to obtain qualified labor for disassembly, assembly and mechanical, electrical, pneumatic installation , instrumentation hydraulics, control and robotics and control of the environment of its plants.

In this sense, our company has managed to cover the needs of both national and foreign industries, by providing our services in Mexico, and by exporting these to different countries such as: United States, Canada, Colombia, Argentina, Brazil, Costa Rica. , Italy, Spain, Peru and the Netherlands.

Thanks to the development and innovation of new technologies, the automation of industrial processes, over time, has led to significant advances that have allowed TIASA to implement more efficient, safe and competitive production processes.

What do we do?

  • We design and manufacture specialized machines for process lines in the industry in general.
  • We are specialists in the area of ​​automation and control using: Siemens, Vipa, Allen Bradley & Yaskawa.
  • Engineering, sale, programming and installation of
  • Development of internal logistics systems through AGV's.
  • Engineering development in the areas of instrumentation, control and electrical.
  • Development of energy saving systems.
  • Manufacture of control panels for pumps, blowers and equipment in general with variable speed drives or soft starters.
  • Commissioning and project management.
  • Installations and monitoring of substations .
  • Development of pneumatic transport systems .
  • Testing and commissioning of electrical systems