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AboutTipteh d.o.o

Automation has been the heart and soul of Tipteh for more then 25 years, since 1996. During this time, we became a leader in distribution and implementation of industrial electromechanical and electronic components, systems, and solutions. We successfully completed many automation projects and helped more than 11,000 companies develop competitive advantages.

We want you to benefit from our professional know-how and the high-quality equipment from the world’s top automation equipment manufacturers, and to develop your sustainable competitive advantage in all areas of industry.

Automation. Our passion. Your success.

We at Tipteh are a leading industrial automation company and we are constantly expanding the scope of its activities and product range. We work hard to maintain the reputation of a reliable business partner, which we earned and maintained for more then 25 years.

With our knowledge, experience and extensive track record of innovation, we have helped more than 11,000 companies automate their production and benefit with process automation. Our customers improved efficiency, ensured accuracy, achieved time savings, lowered operating costs, gained competitive advantage and moved ahead of their competition.

Learn why you should choose usEquipment installation planning

We will help you plan layout and installation of automation equipment, check its compatibility with other equipment and ensure the proper functioning of your system.

Efficient technical support

Strong pre-sales technical support and after-sales customer care will be provided by our group of experienced engineers. As they regularly upgrade their skills and knowledge by attending training courses from our equipment manufacturers, they are best suited to help you choose the optimal equipment for your applications.

Suitability assessment

For more demanding applications, we will assess operational suitability of the offered equipment and conditions of its use in relation to your application in our test room.

Installation of demanding equipment

At your request, we will take care of the assembly, installation, and commissioning of demanding automation equipment.

Software development

If you wish, we will develop software that relates only to the technology we offer, but we can easily develop software for your entire application.

High-quality products from top manufacturers

Our equipment manufacturers are experts in their fields and thus the promoters of development and new technologies. With high-quality and innovative products from world-renowned manufacturers, we aim to ensure your technological advancement and a long service life of your systems.

Short delivery time

As we strive for quick delivery of the ordered goods to our customers, we always keep enough standard equipment on hand in our own warehouse to fulfill your orders. In addition, rapid delivery is ensured by well-established logistics routes and large stocks of automation equipment in the warehouses of the manufacturers we represent.

Great team

Highly skilled technical sales engineers and up-to-date and reliable logistics staff will both ensure that your entire Order-to-Delivery process is professional and fast.

Affordable price

Despite our high value-added, we will provide you with the best value-for-money.