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AboutThroughput Technologies

Throughput Technologies was formed in September 1997. We are a company specialising in the marketing of third party products, both to allow and enhance the communication performance of SCADA, PLC, DCS and intelligent instrumentation systems. It is the intention of Throughput Technologies to market proven "plug and play" systems to minimise the risk, both to system engineering companies and the end user of the system.

These products are sold either to SCADA, PLC, DCS and instrumentation vendors, system integrators and end users.

It is the intention of Throughput Technologies not to get directly involved in system integration projects and process control applications, apart from offering our represented products and, where needed, providing engineering support for these products. Also, Throughput Technologies does not get involved in the direct marketing of SCADA, PLC and DCS systems.

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In focusing on the supply of third party enhancement solutions, Throughput Technologies is able to remain independent of all system integrators, SCADA, PLC or DCS vendor. Therefore the company can support the above types of companies by providing solutions to their clients, without competing with their mainline business activities.

The company specialises in marketing. Although industrial communication systems have increased in number of types and in functionality over the past few years, there are still a lot of misconceptions as to what can and cannot be achieved. Due to our experience in this field, we are able to offer advice to the market. When companies require specialised and complex interfacing, they come to us looking for solutions. This can be through the use of our own products, or a combination of our own products, plus those of other vendors.

We are the solution providers. If you have any queries that are not covered by the site, feel free to fill in the Enquiries Form.

With the never-ending development of technology in the industrial arena, it is not always easy for those on the ground to keep abreast or to be aware of the most cost-efficient and effective solutions for their networking systems.

Throughput Technologies is fortunate to represent such companies as Westermo Teleindustri (Sweden) and ProSoft Technology (USA), to name but a few, who maintain strong development teams to incorporate the latest technologies into their products.

This enables Throughput to go to market with the confidence that our branded products are not only cutting-edge technology giving the customer real solutions that work, but are also of the highest quality backed by our principals’ guarantees that extend as much as five years.

Because our CEO has been in the industry and interacted with customers for so many years, and because he has familiarity with these technical changes and developments, he has an in-depth understanding of what customers need. He is thus able to guide them with an honest approach in terms of best options and cost-efficiency for their projects.

The company has a high customer-service ethic ensuring that the customer is kept in the loop in all phases from the point of discussion to ensure the customer’s needs and requirements are understood and able to be met, to placing the order, delivery schedules, technical support, etc.