Think pc progetti srl

Think pc progetti srl

Via Artigianato, 3

22069 Rovellasca (Como) - ITALIA

AboutThink pc progetti srl

Given the demands of the global market and the cost of raw materials, European valve producers must ensure the absolute quality of their product if they are to keep their market share.


For this reason, your investment in control & testing equipment is critical. PC PROGETTI offers a complete range of rigs capable of testing your products according to the most rigorous international standards.


The skill of our technical staff, our flexibility in production, and our quick turnaround on new projects make PC PROGETTI a reliable partner, trusted by the biggest manufacturers in Italy and international groups. Our technicians have years of background and experience specifically in high pressure equipment, allowing them to quickly install and set up the plant.


Our product range includes vertical benches, horizontal benches, and single pressurization skids. The automatic benches can be connected to a PC using using our proprietary software that allows you to download test data and print out the testing certification so often required today.

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