Thermon, Inc.

Thermon, Inc.

7171 Southwest Parkway, Bldg 300 Ste 200, Austin, Texas, 78735

AboutThermon, Inc.

Thermon serves the global Energy, Power Generation and Chemical markets to provide innovative solutions for industrial heating applications by deeply understanding our customers’ needs. We specialize in providing complete flow assurance, process heating, temperature maintenance, freeze protection and environmental monitoring solutions

Corporate Responsibility

We are committed to doing business responsibly. Engaging our stakeholders and communities is critical to the sustainability of our business, our people and our communities. Corporate responsibility engages our people, helps create efficiencies in our processes and serves as a catalyst for growth.


To provide safe, reliable and innovative mission critical industrial process heating solutions that create value for our customers.

Health, Safety and Environmental

We strive to operate safely, protect our workers and deal ethically with our stockholders, partners and the public. As a manufacturer, we strive to operate our business as efficiently as possible and minimize waste. Our goal is to reduce the environmental impact of our operations and help our customers and suppliers to do the same.