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The Kellwood Group


AboutThe Kellwood Group


Established in 1985, the Kellwood Group comprises of two divisions:

  • . - precision machining and fabrication
  •  - consultancy, supply and installation of lighting

Note: in January 2020, Kellwood Electrical was sold, allowing greater focus on our Engineering and Lighting operations.

Over the past 35 years, Kellwood has built up a wealth of experience in a wide range of industries and real expertise in the various fields within which we operate. However, uniquely, we bring together those skills under a single roof with a single point of contact. Whatever your problem or whatever your needs, tap into our experience. We will have a solution.

While all else about us has been continuously changing, we have remained true to our core values.

  • Fairness - at the heart of our operations is the principle of fairness to the customer. As we have grown and expanded we have continually assessed our pricing models to ensure the services we deliver to customers are as fairly priced as they can be.
  • Honesty - we deal honestly and openly with all of our colleagues, clients and stakeholders. We embrace accountability and therefore welcome internal audits by our own quality control managers and external audits by our customers.
  • Customers Matter - here at Kellwood, the customer is placed at the forefront of our business activities. Every job from every customer is dealt given the attention and priority it deserves, and all the services we offer are provided strictly in accordance with our key values of fairness and honesty.
  • Sustainability - over the past 35 years, as Kellwood has grown in physical size and turnover, we have invested heavily in capital projects to ensure our services to our clients never falter and that we continue to offer the high-quality service our clients expect.
  • People Matter - investing in people is just as important to Kellwood as investing in capital projects. By investing heavily in our highly-skilled team over the past 25 years Kellwood has come to be renowned for the quality of customer and people service we provide.

We believe passionately in the quality of services we provide to our customers, and believe that our enduring observance of our core values are the reason the Kellwood Group has seen 35 years of growth.